Sunday, July 18, 2010

"God" Week 2

So, it's time for Week 2 of the God series!!! If you want a recap of the series, please go back and read the previous post. :)

The second lesson is built on the second part of the song "It is He that hath made us and not we ourselves."

We're starting with a review from the week before. If they can answer questions, I will give them candy. Shameless, I know. :) I don't reward them with candy all the time, but it does happen. :)

After that, the main points of our lesson will be as follows:
-God made each of us.
-When something is made, the person who makes it has a purpose in mind for it. It's not up to the lightbulb to decide what to do!
-We're like that. God had a purpose in mind when He made us. Jeremiah 18 :1 -5
-If we choose not to follow God's path for us, we won't be happy. We'll have lots of trouble. Story of Jonah
-When God makes us, He puts everything in us that we need to do what He called us to do.
-What has God made you for?
-What are you called to be?
-What has He put in you?

Then we're going to do self-portraits surrounded by words we have from God about our destinies, talents He's given us, etc.

We'll then focus on learning our Scripture and play a game with it. (Edited to add, we did not have time to get to the Scripture and game. Everything else went well!)

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